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Before you buy a puppy, decide what kind of pet you are interested in.The most expensive option - puppies show class.These are the best kids in the litter, not only with an excellent pedigree, but having signs of future champions.Puppies breed class can participate in exhibitions, but is unlikely to take on their prizes.However, females may be approved for breeding and are able to provide very high-quality offspring.

most affordable option - animals pet-class.This future pets, and apparently they can not be different from the more advanced animals - at least, in the eyes of the layman.If you are planning to have a purebred dog "for the soul," Choose you this is a puppy.Buying it, guided only by their taste and emotions.When selecting future champions better to invite a specialist who understands the breed.

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Decide whom you have forged - male or female.Dogs look more impressive, their fur more fluffy and thick.However, males Spitz has a rather independent nature, tend to dominate and not too affectionate.Females more affectionate, they are suitable for families with children or other pets.In addition, they are not likely to escape, and clarify the relationship with other dogs.

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Selection Criteria

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Buy a puppy only from reliable breeders - so you can be sure that instead of a purebred Pomeranian get a hybrid.Examine the mother of the puppies, see the pedigree.Of course, your pet will not necessarily become a copy of their parents, much depends on the future of education, diet, and other niceties.If you plan to take the bitch for breeding, check with the breeder, the behavior of the mother of the puppies as she caring, easy is schenilas.

Rate puppy looks.Those planning pedigree dog breeding, you should choose the largest females - it will be easier to pup.Kobelev is better to choose small - such dogs often win prizes.

Purebred Spitz may have 5 color options.To understand what shade will have a pet hair into adulthood, povoroshit fluff behind the ears and on the back of the puppy and evaluate the color of the base of the hairs.The coat should be thick, shiny, with dense undercoat.Bald spots, dandruff, dull and hard, sticking on end The guard hairs are not allowed.

Examine figure puppy.Spitz should be strong, proportionate legs are moderately long.Tail Set high, ears are small, pointed, well worth.Dangling ears indicate a defect rocks or calcium deficiencies.Make sure the puppy is no discharge from the eyes and ears.Check the bite - it should be a scissor.

important and the behavior of the future pet.Good Dog agile, active, cheerful, but not aggressive.Dogs attending exhibitions, should be particularly balanced temperament.Note that educate Spitz difficult, so choose socialized, configured to contact a pet.