Moscow storozhevaya- breed of dog, which appeared relatively recently in Russia.She was bred in our country, so included in the national list of species.This is a great guard dog, and at the same time does not cease to be beautiful and affectionate dog.


basic physical data Moscow guard dog - active, has a volume and a well-developed muscles.The head is massive, giving the breed a gruff exterior.Well-developed cheekbones and occipital bone, cranial part of the head is slightly longer than the muzzle.

characteristic big lips and bite the dog scissors.Is there a wide forehead and rather small eyes framed pigmented eyelids.Small triangular ears are not placed at eye level, and slightly higher.

Moscow guard dog has a harmoniously developed body structure with well-defined withers and muscular neck.To breed characteristic straight back, broad chest, protruding forward, tight stomach.Dog's body is covered with thick and tough woolen cover, which helps the dog is no problem in the cold winter.

Moscow guard dog always has a double-suited color.The most common - red with a brown tone, perhaps a combination of these colors, like red and black, red and white, but the chest of the dog always white.

According to the standards, the growth of this breed must be at least 68 cm, but the dog may be somewhat higher.The average weight of 45-65 kg.

Features breed

breed is characterized by a balanced character and the absence of signs of aggression.No wonder Moscow watchdogs often called intelligent breed.This dog quickly gets used to the owners and becomes a loyal friend for life.

This breed is not afraid of cold and heat, therefore feels great outdoors.It is also good to train.But the deal with the dog should be from an early age and training should be regular.

main feature of the dog - a great love for vegetables.But it is important to make sure that the diet was attended by at least 2/4 of meat meal and ΒΌ herbal ingredients.

So to the main features of the Moscow Watchdog breed include: a low-key and humble character, the presence of distinct guard instincts.These animals - friendly and independent, reliable, loyal to his master and his family, did not show unwarranted aggression.