Of course, before you make a turtle at home, should be aware of the habits of the animal, the peculiarities of caring for and feeding.However, it is fundamental to feeding, because turtles divides into three groups: carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous.

diet of carnivorous turtle

most common predatory turtles contained in the home - the sea.The basis of the diet of these animals, as well as all sorts of predators, animal protein should be - namely, lean sea fish.At the word "lean" special emphasis needs to be done, and in any case, do not feed your pet meat salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, tuna and similar marine life.Feed the turtle should be correct - carefully clean the meat from the bones and cut into small pieces.

addition of fish meat in the diet of predatory turtles should be a boiled chicken and boiled beef liver.These products are not only an invaluable source of animal protein, but also excellent prevention against a number of diseases that affect the blood vessels of reptiles.

as a delicacy, sea turtles can be given to the meat of frogs, worms, snails, and some seafood.

diet of herbivorous turtles

diet of herbivorous turtles should consist of plant foods.Basic food - a variety of greens.Turtle happy eating lettuce leaves, stems, plantain, dandelion, lemon balm and other common plants.Sometimes, as a delicacy, you can give your pet a piece of fish (low-fat) or a piece of hard-boiled egg.

In addition to these products and plants in the diet of herbivorous turtles can be added to porridge.There are also cases where the turtles happy to eat berries and even mushrooms.But this food should not be abused.

omnivorous diet of turtles

most famous home omnivorous turtle is the red-eared sliders.The diet of these animals should consist of plant foods and cooking, which is based on animal protein.The main principle to be followed in feeding omnivorous turtles: the diet of the animal should be balanced - in other words 50% of animal food, 50% of the plant.

interesting fact: If a long time to feed red-eared sliders plant food, as a result, you can turn it into a turtle-vegetarian.