Prepared feeds

as a feeding cup should be placed in the cage for hamsters

easiest way to feed the hamsters ready balanced feed mixtures.They can form the basis of the diet, which is easy to diversify by offering pupils tasty and healthy treats.Prepared feeds are imported and domestic, with the notable brand is and in that, and in another category.

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Plus domestic feed mixtures - low price.Minus - pretty monotonous structure, mainly consisting of cereal.But much depends on the particular brand.Before you buy, read the label.The more varied the diet, the greater the likelihood that the pet will eat it until the end.Do not buy a mixture containing a large amount of oats - hamsters are reluctant to eat it, and poorly refined grains may injure cheek pouches.Prefer based mixture of air corn, barley and wheat, with the addition of conditioning of grains of different cereals, nuts and seeds.

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Import mixture is usually more diverse in composition - except the cereals they contain herbal granules, shredded leaves and stems, improve digestion, unsweetened berries, freeze-dried vegetables.You can create your own mix by adding cereal-based nutritional and vitamin pellets.

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Do not feed the hamster food intended for birds or other rodents.Requirements for all the different animals, feed mixtures are prepared taking into account the characteristics of each species.If you need to feed on sale there, the best time to transfer the pet to the conventional products, choose the ones that will bring only benefit small animal.

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Do not forget to clean water - the rodents eating dry foods should drink plenty of fluids.If the hamster refuses liquid, increase the number of juicy fodder - for example, adding to the diet pet fresh vegetables and germinated barley or oats.

Additions tasty and healthy

Daily hamsters should be given vegetables and fruits in dried or fresh.Rodents like a pumpkin, zucchini, ripe tomatoes, turnips, carrots, young peas in pods, green beans, bell peppers.Useful and fruits - apricots, peaches, melons, apples, rosehips, bananas and grapes.It is considered useful to treat dry fruits.

rodents useful branches of fruit plants, but conifers can not give.Contraindicated and cabbage, potatoes, early greenhouse vegetables.Hamsters are very fond of various seeds and nuts.Deciding to treat animals, remember, almonds and Brazil nuts they are contraindicated.

Experts recommend once or twice a week to give hamsters protein foods - chicken, cooked without salt, cooked chicken or quail eggs.If the hamster does not like to dry the finished feed, offer cereal porridge or cereals.Do not add to it salt, butter or milk.Dairy products and sweets are strictly prohibited - they can cause irreparable harm to the animals body.