decision to start a chinchilla as a pet, and sometimes comes quite unexpectedly.It is enough to see these touching animals at a pet store, suddenly realize that I want to watch them constantly.But spontaneously decide to purchase the animal still not worth it - first we must have an idea of ​​how to take care of it.

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Residence chinchilla

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Cage for chinchillas, unlike cages hamster is quite expensive, and buying it should be only in specialized stores.Residence animal should be spacious, besides it should be fitted with special shelves and wooden house.If you have enough money, you can buy other accessories.

How to wash a chinchilla

ideal size for the chinchilla cage - 50 to 50 centimeters over the floor, you can choose any height, but what it will be more better.In the cell, in addition to shelves, it must be equipped with troughs (automatic) and convenient for the rodent feeder.I must say that the chinchilla is not averse to frolic, while at all times, so that all devices in the cell must be secured the most reliable way.

how to choose a chinchilla

Residence chinchilla must be equipped with a tray at the bottom of which you pour sawdust or special liquid absorbent granules.Interestingly, part of me sawdust or pellets is not required, because the animal feces virtually no odor.

How to buy a chinchilla


order to properly feed a chinchilla, do not need to have any special knowledge, it is only important to exclude from her diet any human food.Fresh fruit, vegetables, plants produce little animals is strictly prohibited, because the use of these products in food can lead to death.

Chinchilla should be fed special feed, commercially available in pet stores.As a delicacy in the diet can add a slice of dried apple or carrot, a little seed of oats, a pinch of dry hay.You can also give a couple of highlights.

Clean - the guarantee of health

this saying chinchilla fully consistent because it's favorite pastime is swimming.Bathe the animal prefers not in the water and in the sand and do it can clock.So the animal looks after its priceless fur.

order to provide chinchilla conditions for the adoption of "sand bath" in the cage should be placed a special bath.Sand for these procedures to be too specific, you can buy it in the store.In no case can not use the normal river or building sand.