Siamese algae eater - who is it?

It is representative of the carp family fish, used by some aquarists as a natural means to deal with certain algae, the existence of which is highly undesirable in the aquarium.Siamese algae eater recognized as one of the best fish in its niche.These are the only fish that feed on red algae and give their preference to young plants.

distinctive feature of this type of aquarium fish is that they have the characteristic black stripes running along the body Algae: it starts at the tip of the nose fish, and ends on the tail.It is worth noting that the body had this funny fish long and bruskovatoe.Its length in the wild can reach 16 cm in captivity as "whales" to grow smaller.Fins from Algae almost transparent.If the fish scare, it loses its natural color, becoming light gray.The female Siamese algae eater is usually slightly thicker than the males.

Siamese algae eater - medic aquarium!

This little fish has a unique ability to clean aquariums.For this Siamese algae eater called orderly aquariums: experts believe that his presence in the aquarium is necessary.And all thanks to the unique structure of the jaws Algae: they have a pointed shape, so the fish easily scrapes algae from aquariums with plants and decorations available in the tank.The most important thing in this one that the Siamese algae eater does not cause any harm to underwater plants!

in captivity

content of these fish in the aquarium, and suggests the presence of a huge number of plants in it.Otherwise Siamese "whales" Combine all available moss.Aquariums in which these fish are kept, should have relatively large dimensions: as already mentioned, Siamese algae eater in nature grow up to 16 cm, and in captivity - up to 10-12 cm. These "whales" - funny fish!That there is only observation of their holiday: in contrast to other inhabitants of the aquarium Algae not sleep on your stomach, your body and fixed in the raised position, relying on the rear fins and tail.

captive Siamese algae eater is quite simple: this fish unpretentious food and care, gets along well with other fish species.Curiously, Algae do not harm other fish, they violate the tranquility of aquarium water only when chasing each other.It should be noted that the fish need good aeration aquarium waters: among them the nature of weak respiration, because water saturated with oxygen, it is vital.Only in this case, the Siamese algae eater will please his master active behavior, amusing habits and inexhaustible vitality!