If you have a child there was an aquarium with fish, then before you buy it, you need to collect all the necessary information.How to choose an aquarium and who dwell in it.

How to choose plants for the aquarium

Aquarium and accessories

as the start of aquarium fish

Before buying fish, it is necessary to determine the amount you're willing to spend.There is a large assortment of aquariums.When you select it is necessary to know exactly where it will stand.Would it spoil the interior of the room?If the house has other animals - cats, dogs, parrots, be sure to purchase an aquarium with a lid, which is already available for the aquarium lighting.

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Modern aquariums are made of silicate and acrylic glass.Aquariums Acrylic glass less traumatic.The thickness of the glass depends on the height of the aquarium and its value.Purchase aquarium pet shops, where you will be given a guarantee on the product.

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On sale are ready aquariums with tables or table where it is possible to remove all the accessories.Their advantage is that it is ready to design specially created for the aquarium.It filled the aquarium has a lot of weight, a simple table can not stand it.

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Fish and care

beginners in the aquarium is recommended to purchase undemanding species.This mosquito fish, platypus, gourami, rerio, mokropod, guppies.These fish do not need a lot of oxygen.They are warm-water species.Consequently, the temperature in the aquarium should range from 18 to 20 ° C.

For more fastidious species include: mallineziya vysokoplavnichnaya, cichlids.These fish must be in a large amount of water (2 fish approximately 40 liters), the larger plants, the better.And do not forget about good aeration.

Buying a pet, pay attention to their appearance.Deformed fins inappropriate paint, violating the integrity of the covers show that the fish is unhealthy.Be careful, and then you will protect yourself from buying a sick individual.

not selite peaceful species of fish predators, small individuals to large.Use a food suitable for this kind of fish.

to use special fish feeding trough, it will contribute to the prevention of pollution of the aquarium.If the water exudes putrid odor, turbid or blanched - a sure sign that need urgent general cleaning.For temperature control buy a thermometer.Some fish do not like temperature changes, therefore, do not put them in water with a different temperature.