parrot fish belongs to the family percoid bounded by 10 genera and 80 species.These fish are so named because of its color and shape of the head, which resembles the front beak bird of the same name.

parrot fish are usually chosen for their beauty, curious nature and simplicity.Those fish that are in aquarium conditions have smaller dimensions than those that live in the natural environment.The male can reach 10 cm, female - 7 cm.

Not many other types of fish are able to distinguish the owner can not be said about the parrot-fish, for which it is extremely exciting to watch.Aquarium pets, finding the owner, swim closer and begin to behave in a very peculiar.

body of fish has an elongated shape, the back is painted in bright dark brown color.Females tend to be more spravno males, they have bright red ventral fins, and their dorsal fin has dark spots, which are limited by a wide edging golden hue.Abdomen of females can have different colors, including red, blue, yellow or green.

species of fish, parrot

parrot fish is represented by several species, one of which - albino.Even those males who have a traditional color, females choose the variety.

second variety - red parrot, whose members are distinguished by unusual hump.But the males of species of fish, parrot Roloff differ yellowish-gray color, females can be distinguished by the brown-grayish color and crimson abdomen.

Representatives yellow-bellied pelmatohromisa sometimes reach a length of 12 cm. Ecru color distinguishes the males, in addition, their body extended dark streaks.The gills and abdomen have a yellowish color and the fins have a red edging.The female can be distinguished by a bright red abdomen and turquoise emerald gill covers.

There are a variety of parrot fish net.The males of this subspecies have a body that is painted in a grayish-yellow color.The pectoral fins have a yellow tint, and have abdominal black.Female differs light yellow color of the body, but the belly and fins are different light cherry flavor.


parrot fish reaches sexual maturity after 8 months of life.The deposition of eggs preceded by settling in the shelter, which is comparable to the cave.Deferred do not eat fish eggs and care for the offspring exhibit and the male and female.