Conditions of

Appreciate tiger barbs for mobility, peaceful, small size and beautiful coloring.Keep their best in small flocks of 5-10 individuals, it can be shared with other peaceful species of aquarium fish that can fend for themselves.If your tank is only 2-3 barbs, they can relate to each other and neighbors aggressively.Tiger barbs - not a predator, but can swallow fry of other fish.At voile and sedentary fish he can bite off fins.

Keep them better in the aquarium, which amounts to at least 50 liters, with free space for swimming and dense vegetation.At the bottom lay the dark soil, otherwise the color barbs can quickly turn pale.The content of tiger barbs practically does not differ from the content of other types of aquarium fish.The optimum temperature of the water should be 21-23oS, hardness and acidity of special significance not play.

plants in the aquarium should be chosen with small leaves (or miriofillum cabomba).Install the filter and lighting.If the filter is absent (barb less sensitive to lack of oxygen than other aquarium fish), it is necessary to periodically change a third of the volume of water to fresh.If you notice that the fish swim at the surface of the water with the head raised up, immediately replace the water.


Tiger barbs are unpretentious in feeding.They eat dry feed and live with pleasure pluck plants.Adult individuals require additional dressing plant in the form of dried seaweed, lettuce and nettle.Barbs feed in the water column, if necessary, take food from the surface and from the bottom.These fish are prone to obesity, so once a week to arrange a hungry day.Feed them Tubifex, Daphnia, bloodworms and small koretra.


At the age of 5-9 months, it is possible breeding tiger barbs when they reach puberty.The process thus spawning can occur in any season.Manufacturers seedlings, keep separate about one month.At this time, provide them proper nutrition, let herbal supplements.As spawning tank using at least 10 liters.At the bottom of the net separatorskuyu place to prevent the eating of future offspring.

began to spawn faster, raise the water temperature at 3-4 ° C, mean distilled water.Once reported of fish eggs, otsadit parents replace 30% of water.And so on eggs did not develop fungus, add water a little methylene blue.The incubation period lasts about two days, on the third or fourth day the fry begin to swim, eat.To feed their need to live infusoria or dust.A month later they get coloring adults.