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The behavior of fish is usually influenced by the instincts of self-preservation, or such as the continuation of the species.It looks the same actions can be caused by various reasons, not always associated with the instincts.For example, burying in the ground could mean that the fish is trying to avoid the danger.The same behavior may indicate that the female prepares the nest for spawning.Some types are masked in such a way to hunt.

aquarium residents have no opportunity to talk about their needs in another way than through the "body language" and discoloration.There are common signals are common to all types of fish.But there are some that are unique to a particular sub-species or family.For example, if the fish swim to the other and demonstrates the wide-open mouth, usually an indicator of "frontal threat."Moreover, this behavior can be both attack and defense.And some types of male in such a way to show off females in the spawning period.

If the fish turns sideways, and waved his body or just caudal fin, it is a common gesture of courtship, common to almost all types of fish.But there are exceptions: some underwater residents as expressed "the threat side."Fish, spread his fins can be a suitor, and the enemy, depending on the species.Had pitched their fins, underwater dweller trying to show their "large" size and bright color, which usually attract individuals of the opposite sex.But if a demonstration is made for that kind of fellow, its main goal is to show all of its powerful features. Fish suspicious growths, spots, need to transplant the behavior of the common aquarium in quarantine, on symptoms to determine what caused the anomaly and take up treatment if necessary.

many aquarium inhabitants characterized by a change of color, for example, during the spawning season.Bright colors scales help partners find each other.But outside of the breeding season, the fish are usually less colorful look.It helps victims better hide from predators, and predators - on the contrary, a successful hunt.There are fish that change color while caring for their newborn offspring.Fancy colors helps parents juvenile not to be lost and works as a distraction during the attack on the family of predators.

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Aggression is inherent not only predatory individuals.Fish evince hostility when otvoёvyvayut territory or protect his corner.The rivalry during the spawning season and a defensive reaction to the danger, too, can wear characteristics of aggressive behavior.Fish is not peculiar causeless hatred.If at first glance it was not possible to solve the source of irritation for pets, you should carefully watch the aquarium life, to find and eliminate the reasons for this behavior. Aggressive behavior is any fish can be a significant problem in your aquarium.It is practically the sole cause of injury and injury to aquarium fish.

If fish suddenly bites the fin of his brother, it does not speak about her aggressive behavior.It so happens that simply taking fish tails and fins neighbors for something to eat.The instinctive reaction is not always allows to see more closely what it is trying to catch.Therefore, you should carefully plan the diversity of their pets for the aquarium, eliminating neighborhood of incompatible species.