mollies - a fish belonging to the family petsileevyh.They are viviparous.Due to the selection there are a variety of fish, but in any species, males are smaller than females.The natural habitat - the central part of America.

conditions necessary to produce offspring mollies

For successful breeding mollies aquarium needs of not less than 60 liters, and the best 100-liter.Also do not forget about water quality.The water temperature in the aquarium should be around 26-28 degrees.To comply with this requirement, you must install the heater.

It is necessary to add a special aquarium salt as mollies ancestors lived in brackish water.The calculation is as follows: one tablespoon of salt per 20 liters.

Feed Mollies feed in the form of flakes, frozen bloodworms, if you can, buy a live or frozen brine shrimp;black worms - about three to give stuff a day.

Do not forget to change the water in the tank: 20% of the water every week.Another important factor: the females must be calm.We must make sure that nobody disturbs: whether it be male or other inhabitants of the home pond.If this fact is the place to be, it is necessary to transplant the males, or to make the number of females predominant.

If all of the above conditions are met mollies, the long-awaited result will not make you wait any longer, and about a month to bring the female offspring.Female, without the help of a male can produce offspring several times, so when she becomes pregnant, the need to keep the male in the aquarium no.

Before the birth of female offspring should be deposited into a spawning tank.

maintenance and care of fry

Fry, after the birth, and remain in the spawning tank.Growth rate and development will depend directly on the quality of water and food (its number), temperature, etc.Generally accepted standards: the fry become twice as much - can be replaced!What and how to feed them?Flakes, rubbed them into powder, with a plastic bag: 1-2 tablespoons of cereal placed in the bag, remove unwanted air and then 10-15 minutes to knead it.

To feed fry this powder (you need a small amount), take a toothpick, soak the tip in water and dunk in the feed, and then dip a toothpick into the aquarium.This procedure must be performed several times a day.