you need
  • - an aquarium of at least 100 liters and 50 centimeters in height;
  • - filter;
  • - the compressor;
  • - living algae, corals and stones;
  • - frozen shrimp;
  • - do seahorses.
skates belong to the genus of marine bony fishes.This means that they, as usual goldfish can be kept in an aquarium.However, one should not forget the main nuance - the structure of the body of the seahorse, which determines its movement.These lovely creatures move vertically up and down, which is why they need special tanks.The minimum amount should be the 100 gallon tank, and their height - start with two feet.
As with any fish aquarium for seahorses must not remain compartment with water.It should be placed specially selected equipment.It is vital for the inhabitants of the aquarium compressor and filter.By nature, horses are poorly developed gill system.So that their owner must particularly closely monitor the quality of water, if he wants to avoid illnesses and even death of skates.
will naturally wish to highlight the aquarium to enjoy their pets from all sides.The most important thing is not to overdo it - bright lighting makes skates nervous and fearful.Furthermore, each lamp increases the temperature of the water in the tank, and it should remain in the range 23-24 degrees.For the water changes from ice skates also has its own scheme - no more than one-fifth of the total volume of one every two weeks.
It is also important to fill harmoniously fill the tank with algae, corals and different stones.Primarily for the convenience of seahorses - a dream they cling tails for different projections.Second, because we all want privacy and fishes too.Only with shelter in the aquarium can expect to receive offspring, which, incidentally, have skates hatching males.And third - ideally decorated aquarium has always stressed its inhabitants.Just do not be keen on space and zahlomlyat plastic.Give preference to natural materials.Skates and so live a fairly small - only about five years.
And finally, the most important - about nutrition.Nature played a cruel joke with skates: they do not have the stomach, which means that they are always hungry.Most breeders recommends pamper their pets frozen shrimp.But it is not royal, and of normal size.And fed at the rate of 6-7 pieces per individual.Otherwise, you can overfeed skates and heavily pollute the water in the aquarium.