Exterior details fish knife

Apteronotus comes from the headwaters of the great Amazon River, belongs to the order Apterontonovyh.Only one of her appearance is striking: from fish deep black no habitual fins and body shape resembles an eel or moray eels.Lower fin creating oscillatory motion, it accelerates the movement of up to 10 cm per second and gives her a unique maneuverability.

South American Indians, meeting in the rivers of large specimens of the "black ghost", took them for embodied souls of ancestors who died in battle - so impressive was the appearance of the anthracite-black fish.By the way, even the color of her unusual: during mating black ghost can not be called as such, because then his body becomes red-purple tint, and the fins are olive.

is believed that knives can grow up to half a meter in length, but the practice of home aquarium argue that this is a very rare case.The average size of these fish - from 7 to 20 centimeters.With eel as they have in common the presence of an electrical sensor, which allows the darkness to discover the location of production of the reaction space in the electric field of the fish.

«Character» apteronotusa

Justifying its western name «black ghost», fish can be quite violent predators if they are not allowed to handle food.Experts do not recommend to settle smaller fish with "knives", or in a fit of excitement of hunting, they can kill the little fellow.

is believed that the fish knife has its own character, many even call it sociable, in fact it was the first swim to the wall mini-pond to greet the host.These fish are endowed with a fantastic ability to swim with the same effort, not only the head or tail first, but also vertically up or down, which created them in the history of the glory of magical creatures.

Aquarium maintenance

contain "black ghost" in the aquarium is simple: it does not require special conditions, except for places to hide.In addition, for this fish is better to buy a large aquarium, because they love to chase and sporty lifestyle, this requires a lot of space.If the fish has grown more than 15 cm in the aquarium have to install the cover: fish knife is able to jump out of the water and fall to the floor.If you lived in one of two apteronotusov aquarium, provide two places for an ambush, or they will share the territory and can seriously fight.