Tip 1: How to feed Central Asian Shepherd

Every dog ​​needs a specific diet.Requirements and Yorkshire terrier dogs are as different as their character and appearance.If you decide to have at home a puppy Central Asian Shepherd, do not think that his breast - a very simple matter.For a small dog - a real member of the family, and you have to take care of her in the same way as a child.Let's start with a simple: how to choose a diet?
you need
  • Table needs nutrients and vitamins for dogs of various breeds, bowl.
course today with pet food business is a lot easier than it was ten or even five years ago.Special feed can be easily purchased at any store or veterinary clinic specialized.If you believe the advertising, the feed has everything you need for your pet.This is partly true.If you prefer really good quality dog ​​food, you can be sure that your pet will receive a minimum set of vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients from the daily norm.But, unfortunately, even the most high-quality and balanced pet food is often counterfeited, replacing the cheap substitutes, which are not only good for your pet, but can cause irreparable damage to his health.That is why, if you decided to feed their Central Asian Shepherd only dry food ready, be sure to consult your veterinarian beforehand and only buy quality products proven manufacturer.
If you do not want to risk buying a pig in a poke, animal feed better prepare yourself.Young puppies need a special diet and make sure that your Shepherd grew up healthy and strong, you need a very early age.Little puppies under 6 months of feeding several times a day.At 1-2 month baby number of feedings per day should be 5-6, 3-4 for puppies older.After one year of age should eat no animal is more than 2 times a day.Be sure to follow the diet of a variety of small sheep dogs.It should be mineral additives and raw beef bone calcium.It is useful to add to the diet of dairy products: kefir, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese, but some puppies is not very good effect, causing a bowel disorder.If the dog gets dairy products in small amounts, be sure to feed puppies with regular school with chalk or calcium supplementation.
The diet of adult Central Asian Shepherd must be proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as fresh water, fruits, vegetables and herbs.Mineral feeding is also added to the food, but do not get carried away by them, because in large quantities, they can harm the health of the dog.Make sure that the animal takes the food strictly on time and in any case do not let your dog sweets and pastries.Feed the dog in between meals as desired.Once the dog has eaten, wash bowl and remove food debris.Overfeed the animal can not, because it affects not only its appearance but may substantially affect health.

Tip 2: How to feed a puppy Central Asian Shepherd puppy

Central Asian Shepherd (or ALABAY), as well as any purebred dogs, need special care for the animal properly developed.Along with professional training and long walks breeders recommend feeding small Alabais in a specific pattern.
How to feed a puppy Central Asian Shepherd
you need
  • - goat's milk;
  • - raw beef;
  • - cereals;
  • - dairy products;
  • - eggs;
  • - vegetables;
  • - green;
  • - bran;
  • - edible gelatine;
  • - dry food premium;
  • - calf cartilage.
Make sure that during the first months of life puppy Central Asian Shepherd getting enough breast milk.Since the age of four weeks, gradually add as feeding goat's milk, and then - liquid milk porridge.Let the food at regular intervals, at least five times a day.A month later translate Alabai to four meals a month later - for free meals.
identify the individual rate of a single feeding, based on the parameters puppy , his appetite and mobility.Watch it after the meal, his stomach does not have much to swell.Professional breeders do not advise the Central Asian Shepherd abundantly feed the dogs of this breed, the average single dose to two-Alabai feed should be about 150-250 grams.Keep the Central Asians on milk only to the age of three months, as the juniors is often a lactose intolerance.
If you decide to give your puppy natural food, after milk cereals translate Alabai on raw meat (mostly - beef) in the form of minced meat mixed with crushed cereals and frayed vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers,zucchini).Sometimes, for a variety of substitute cooked dry cereal wholemeal bread.Once or twice a week in the diet enter the egg, fillet of sea fish and dairy products: cottage cheese mixed with natural yoghurt or kefir.In summer, add green food in the winter - the bran.Every day, let the lure of a 5 oz.edible gelatin.
Choose dry food only known producers of premium, if you decide to put the dog on this type of food.See that the packages were designations Baby or Puppy - is labeling food for puppies.Obey feeding rate specified on the package, and do not fertilize Alabai vitamins.
Do not leave food for the puppy in the public domain, even if the pet is not finished off the contents of his bowl.Half an hour after the start of feeding, remove the remnants of food.Keep out of the reach Alabai was always fresh drinking water, especially if the dog eats dry food.Once a week, treats Central Asia Shepherd cartilage or veal Mosolov, and then let's sunflower oil (you can add it to porridge with meat).
Avoid giving your puppy food to your table, including public holidays, when a lot of guests at home.Dogs contraindicated fat, salty and smoked foods, pork in any form, sweets, and even more so - the chicken long bones that can cause injury to the esophagus and the subsequent death of a pet.
  • recommendations for growing Central Asian Shepherd
Remember that dogs are categorically counter the long bones of birds and the soft bones of otheranimals.Avoid chicken bones and do not allow your dog to eat fish.
Helpful Hint
When the puppy home lives, family members want to treat it and to please in every way.It is not necessary to give your child a treat or feed him too much, increasing portions.If your little glutton too fast to cope with the amount of food that is intended for him, feed him more often, but small portions.