you need
  • - special shampoo;
  • - tub;
  • - tool for grooming
Obtain rat special plastic tray.The glass is not recommended to take, as it is easy to break and can injure the animal.The metal bath is also better not to take, because during the process of washing the rat begins to scratch the metal claws, obtained unpleasant sounds more frightened animal.
cage for the rat to buy
Pour into a container a little warm water - it should not exceed five centimeters.The water temperature can be verified down to the bath elbow.If you're hot, then add a little cold water.
how to bathe the pet rat
Put rat in the water, but do not release it, otherwise it will run away.Wait a while for the animal accustomed to this situation.And gently start to wet rat fur .Do not make sudden movements and do not spray water into the animal's eyes and ears.
how to determine the sex in rats
slow circular motions begin to be applied to the hair a special tool.You can use shampoo for puppies and kittens, means suitable for ferrets, but, in any case, do not wash your shampoo or rat ordinary soap, because it contains harmful substances animal.
how to call rat boy
Massage little rodent hair and gently rinse it with clean water to remove the remains of shampoo.Make sure that the foam and the water did not get an animal in the eyes, ears and nose.
how to breed rats
animal wrapped in a towel and wipe his fur.Do not put it immediately into the cell, and wait a little bit when he obsohnet you have on hand.
If the coat is salted quickly, use the following method.Take the usual terry washcloth, lightly spray it with warm water and rub it back to the animal.Such rubbing much less dry skin than standard bath, and therefore, this procedure can be done several times a month.