If you got into the hands squirrel, know that two months they feed on their mother's milk.When the mother-protein leaves the nest, she wraps squirrels warm soft lining.Therefore, an attempt to bring up the baby from the nipple can be successful only if you do not forget to wrap up the little squirrel to make him warm.As such child asylum suit wool scarf or shawl, folded envelope.Feeding squirrels at this time it is necessary to cow's milk, diluted with water and sugar.
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included in the diet matured proteins rice and millet porridge.Remember that protein - still herbivore, and excess protein is simply harmful for him.Once the squirrel was six weeks, it is possible to give a kidney deciduous trees, young sprigs of spruce, Seeds of oats, flax, hemp, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
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When a young squirrel reaches the age of eight weeks, begin to give her cheese and cottage cheese.After the tenth week included in the diet of meal worms and fungi.A few weeks later let pet eggs, lean beef and fish deep-frozen.
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The adult protein should be fed twice a day - morning and evening.At the same time, remember that overfeed the animal in any case can not be - it reduces its activity.The daily rate of food proteins should be 45 grams.In its diet may include cedar, walnut and hazelnut, lettuce, cabbage, celery sprouts and carrots, zucchini and cucumbers, beans, tomatoes and potatoes.With pleasure animal eats berries such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries.Grateful to the protein and grains (not germinated).
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If you want to feed you met in a park animal, in any case, do not offer protein chips or chocolate.Maybe she will treat you, but benefit from it will not be enough.It would be better if you are going to the park to go into a store and buy a pack of crackers white seeds.Proteins are duly able to evaluate your generosity.
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