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Probably the first thing aquarists think - the size of the future of the aquarium.If you are still quite new to the breeding of fish, start better, of course, with a medium-sized aquarium.However, you should know that caring for small aquariums, as paradoxical as it may sound, much more difficult than for large.Why is that?The fact that the climate of the aquarium and the comfort of its inhabitants are largely determined by the ratio of oxygen dissolved in water.During breathing fish emit carbon dioxide, which also falls into the water.In addition, water polluting waste products.Consequently, the smaller the tank, the faster the water is polluted, and often it is necessary to change.A more spacious than an aquarium, the more comfortable it will feel like fish.

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Form aquariums today are also very diverse.You can order the construction of any complexity and to give free rein to their imagination.But coming up with an intricate design of the future of the aquarium, do not forget that it must fit into your interior and be easy to maintain.Clean the most convenient rectangular aquariums, as they are now the most popular because of its versatility: a home for fish will decorate any interior and will take a minimum amount of space.

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important detail - the material from which to make an aquarium.This can be a glass, Plexiglas or asbestos.Glass aquariums are made of two types: frame and frameless.In the first case the junction structure aquarium glass sheets further strengthened by metal brackets.Prefab tanks heavier and stronger than frameless.If you do not want to unnecessary costs and too much strength is not required, you can do the classic variant - frameless aquarium.Its details are connected by silicone.It frameless models often prefer amateur aquarists.

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But plexiglass allows curving wall structures at different angles and making them rounded and asymmetrical.These aquariums are usually made for offices and studios, but they are much more expensive than ordinary rectangular.Asbestos cement tanks amateurs are hardly used, as a rule, they are made for large volumes of water in zoos or aquariums.