advantages of the internal filter

main functions which are assigned to the internal filter is mechanical, biological, chemical filtration, aeration and creating water circulation.However, during the operation in rare cases, the filter has to carry out a full list of features.For example, in tsihlidnom aquarium internal filter is used for mechanical treatment and aeration.Along with this, they are used in different time tanks having a small volume (otsadnik, karantinnikah).

internal filter design favorably ease of maintenance, aesthetic appearance, and that it is important for a small indoor aquarium, a relatively low noise level.Pumps that are provided in the internal filters may be used for pumping water.

With this system solves the problem of additional aeration of water.Air spanning from the surface of the water is fed through a tube into the socket of the filter or to the turbine unit and sprayed inside the aquarium.

Disadvantages internal filter

Internal filters used in aquariums up to 180 liters.They can not be recommended as full of biological or chemical, but with their physical function they cope perfectly well.

The category drawbacks include small filter volume, as well as the fact that the aquarium is a foreign object, which requires masking.

choice in favor of an internal filter should be done if the aquarium will be enough capacity pump up to 1200 l / h and the volume of the filter material up to 700 square Systems that operate from an air compressor have a relatively low capacity.They can not afford to clear the heavily turbid water.As appropriate filter can be provided with special cartridges, for example, carbon or zeolite, which is implemented using a complex filter tank.

Despite the fact that the internal mechanical filters have a low potential, they are in demand, and demand is quite justified.For small aquariums absolutely logical to use a small internal filter.In aquariums, paintings of other filter placement is not possible.When the content of the small fish or fry growing use of such a filter is enough.It's worth noting that on the sponge filter settle bacteria which are able to purify water from the products of metabolism, acting as a weak and small, but still a biofilter.