People like most of their ability to mimic human speech.Probably not the least role in this is the language of parrots, round, fleshy, very mobile.Fingers parrots, like cuckoos, grouped into two groups - the front and rear.A distinctive feature of all parrots is a powerful beak.His foundation is covered with bare skin, which are holes nostrils.In total there are more than 650 nature parrot species, common in countries with warm and mild climate.

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Amazons and macaws

How to Train Your Pet

to hell, Amazons distinguish from other species, it is medium-sized round language and cross-grooves on the outer tip of the lower jaw.Habitat extends from the lower reaches of the Amazon to Cuba and the Lesser Antilles.As large red-and-green macaw living in the jungle of Panama and South America Amazons eat fruits and seeds.The most elegant of the family of parrots - macaw, native inhabitants of non-tropical areas.Their appearance is very extravagant - a long tail, a huge beak neoperennye cheeks with narrow feather "tracks", bright and colorful painting.Red Macaw bird almost meter-long, crimson color, with blue feathers in the tail is often as a favorite pet.All of these species of birds are very easily trained to talk.However, all of them far from the talent Grey.

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African Greys chose their place of living jungles of Zaire and the coast of Guinea.The plumage of the parrot almost ashen with bright crimson tail.Grey usually feeds bananas, mangoes and other tropical fruits.Nest building is lazy and lay eggs in any hollow.In captivity easily begins to imitate the different sounds and talk.

How to tame a parrot to play

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Today many factory as various kinds of pet parrots.To make life a parrot in captivity to make a more comfortable, you need to follow some rules:

1. At least twice a year to provide a cure for worms.

2. Do not leave the cage with parrots in smoke-filled rooms, in the draft, in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. feed the birds only fresh food, including fruit and vegetables.

4. The cage should large.

5. Cleaning of the cell should be daily.

How to name your pet

names of parakeets often it is simply a shortened version of human names.Sometimes the names are used nicknames parrot the popular cartoon or movie characters.If the bird is bought from a pet store or a hand, it is quite likely that it already has a nickname, just enough to know it from the previous owner.

But experts-ornithologists recommend that in the name of the pet were hissing sounds and the letters "h" and "k", becauseit will be easier for them to just repeat parrot.Somehow, parrots love "roar" so the sound "r" in the name will be most welcome.It must be remembered that parrots are usually pronounce words in a singsong voice, and for that we need the vowels that can stretch, such as Pro-to-Osh.

pondering what to call the parrot theme, many are trying to pick up a very pretentious nickname, not knowing how it will affect others, and the bird itself.However, if the name is quite funny, the repetition of his own parrot is able to cheer up all those present.Still need to take into account the fact that the name of the parrot should not be similar to the names of the owners or other pets.

As options can be considered names names - Shurshun, Arkady, Elvira, Digger, Bianca, Archik, Bertha, Sandpiper, Gypsy, Kesha, Gerda, Carlos, Kiki, Tisha, Sherry, and the like.