First, keep in mind that the ability to talk depends on the breed of parrot.Well trained African Greys, cockatoos, Amazons and, perhaps, the most common type of parrots.Although much also depends on the nature of the particular bird, her temperament and "talent."
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Second, pay attention to the age of the bird.It is best to give in training young individuals up to six months.The best is to buy a parrot at the age of 1-2 months, and begin lessons in a month, when will the process of adapting to a new place.
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Third, be patient.Do not expect that in a few days, your pet will begin to recite poems.Start slowly with 1-2 words, do not overload the bird classes against her will.
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Education parrot should hold one person.For classes, select a specific time during the day, the duration of the lesson should not exceed 15-20 minutes.First, lessons should be daily, and only later, when the parrot learn the necessary vocabulary, fasten knowledge 1-2 times a week.
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For training you can use the following methods:
- monotonous repetition of the words that you want to teach a parrot ;
- the use of a tape recording;
- «method of association" when the word or phrase corresponds to a particular situation.With this method, your bird will not be easy to repeat the words and reproduce them in familiar surroundings.
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Perhaps the easiest way for use in the home is the first of the above.Its essence is as follows.Choose 1-2 simple words for the initial learning.It is desirable that the words composed of two syllables and vowels contain "o" or "a".Of consonants the most optimal for the start of training are "to", "n", "p", "t".And then during class repeat selected words loudly and slowly, one intonation.Make sure that neither you nor the parrot not distract extraneous sounds and voices.When your pet starts to make first successes encourage him some delicacy in the end of the session.Typically, results with this method are achieved over 2.5-3 months.Remember, your parrot loves you and trusts you.Be patient and you and attentive during the training, and then the results will please both you and your pet.