Gifted bird Jaco

fair to say that most species of parrots merely reproduce the sounds you hear and phrases semantic load this repetition, of course, does not carry.But there are some "intellectuals" - they do not just repeat and comprehend heard, analyzed words, compare, think about how unrealistic it may sound.An example of this clever - African Grey parrot.With him, however, it can be a nice chat, because these birds have a truly phenomenal memory - Grey afford to learn all Eugene Onegin, just to got clever and patient teacher.

Jaco - parrot quite large, has a very agile and restless disposition.His favorite activity - to mimic the people around him and animals.These parrots are very sensitive about the order in his cell, so all the garbage from the cells scattered.The owners often have to clean up his home, and the whole apartment.

Parrots Amazons

The group also includes talking parrots Amazon.Their intelligence is slightly lower than the Greys.But the ability to repeat the excellent human speech.Amazons are rapidly getting to the new environment and are very attached to the man.This bird is very capable, possessing gentle and sweet personality.Parrots Amazons can memorize over 800 words and phrases.


cockatoo parrots cockatoos possess artistic talent and a spectacular appearance.This is one of the most popular in the world of birds for keeping at home.His good looks, comical gestures, blooming crest will not leave anyone indifferent.These birds are amenable to training, but can not remember a large number of words.But cockatoos are able to accurately reproduce intonation and vocal inflections.

Pet parrots

most convenient parrots house is considered to be wavy.It has a very bright colors, elegant and bright, these birds are friendly and accommodating, and even trained quite well.

Budgies can learn to speak quietly, but need to make a lot of effort and have the patience to calmly and methodically to train such a pet.Ability to speak at the wavy parrot - a mechanical reproduction heard and memorized sounds and words.

need to speak with a bird friendly and gently, without raising his voice, without negative emotions.Talking with a bird must constantly, while cleaning cages, changing water and feeding.Do not count on an easy and quick results.But, when the parrot finally spoke, it takes a lot of unforgettable emotions and the pleasure.Adult birds can store and play up to 150 words.