you need
  • - nesting boxes
  • - crushed shells
  • - grated chalk
  • - sawdust
Pick parrots male and female.In this case, the right choice of partners - the main condition for successful reproduction.Family "couples can know each other from the crowd and are always together.It is therefore essential, choosing from the young, to notice already formed a pair and put them in a cage.
parrot wavy pregnancy
Organize nesting.Currently used three types of sockets: horizontal, vertical and compromise.Vertical box is quite small.Its dimensions 15h15h25 see where 25cm - height.The entrance has a diameter of 4-5 cm and is in the 3 cm, measured from the upper edge.In the center of the bottom of the round is done trough, deep in the middle of one to two centimeters.In perch male feeds the female, and then the chicks.Horizontal box has dimensions of 25x15x15 cm, with inside step is 3x10 cm.
how to make a cage for budgies
Select compromise breeding to eliminate the possible damage to the masonry or hatchlings at the entrance to the female.It is quite large and does not allow the chicks leave the nest prematurely.
budgies breeding at home
During nesting necessarily need to put in a cage pounded eggshells and grated chalk.The female requires a lot of phosphorus and calcium during egg laying.
how to grow a parrot
Keep an eye out for the parrots, putting them in a cage.It gives a greater degree of success condition parrots.The good condition of the male is shown in blue cere and chin, a proud and watchful eye landing body.The female cere and chin brown.