Get parrots as possible from reputable breeders in the kennel or pet shop.There the birds receive the necessary care and veterinary care.It is undesirable to buy birds in the market at the dealers.Usually in such places of sales do not look after their health.Ask the seller a certificate of veterinary inspection parrot on salmonella and psittacosis.If you buy a parrot brought , it requires CITES documents indicating its origin.
how to choose a cage for a parrot
subsequent behavior parrot .Poultry should not be lethargic, sleepy.Healthy parrot does not sit for long periods away from neighbors in a cell ruffled, he sleeps in a manger.Movement from parrot free, he is actively moved in the cell.His tail is not moving to the beat of breathing, the bird does not limp.Pay attention to the neighboring cage parrots - they also need to be healthy.
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Consider the plumage of birds.A healthy parrot feathers clean, well-kept, tightly clasped, without a trace of samooschipa, bald spots and feather inserts.
cleaning parrot in a cage
Get accustomed to the beak and cere parrot .The beak should be clean, shiny, with no cracks, chips and growths.Nostrils healthy birds without crusts and secretions.Breathing through the nostrils feathered pet, and not through the beak.Parrot shall not often pull his head, yawning and sneezing.
How to choose a budgie
Consider the bird's eye.They should have a clear round in shape.His eyes shining parrots, not sunken and swollen, clean, with no emissions.Eyelids not the stuck.
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Learn legs parrot .If they build-up, sealed, with damaged skin or swollen joints, the bird is sick.Fingers parrot great bow perch.If the bird is sitting on one leg, the other has to be compressed a fist.
Please note that the droppings from parrot was in good condition, with no diarrhea.Area cloaca should not be smeared feces.At the same time drawn into the belly a little and hanging.