Tip 1: How to get to the exhibition of dogs

If you want your pet is involved in official exhibitions dogs , regularly scheduled RKF, one of your desire for it will not be enough.You will need to submit to the organizing committee and all the documents proving not only the purity of the breed of the animal, but also its other characteristics.
Visit previously several exhibitions refer to the recommendations of experts on the preparation dogs ringovki to study the rules of conduct dogs during the competition.
Prepare your pet to participate in the exhibition, perform all preventive measures (veterinary, psychological).Visit (if necessary) a stylist who specializes in dogs ah.
Read the rules of registration.
Fill the application form for participation in the exhibition.Fill in the application form: - breed dogs and ;
- nickname and dogs (according to the official pedigree);
- pedigree number and the number of stamps (or microchip);
- date of birth dogs and her sex, color, nicknames father and mother, as well as name the breeder;
- name of owner dogs and his home address (with index) and contact numbers.
Imagine RKF Secretary and / or the expert committee the following documents: - a certified copy of pedigree dogs and;
- a certificate from a veterinarian about the health and dogs;
- correctly formatted application form.
If you are going to expose not adult dogs have and puppy (class of puppies and dogs -yuniorov), members of the Commission in this case would be quite enough to imagine instead pedigree puppy card (ora certified copy).
To write dogs have Participation in the class of champions, imagine the organizing committee of any evidence (diploma, certificate), confirming its status as the champion's list of certificates recognized RKF.
To write dogs have Participation in the class of workers (such as hunting) dogs , imagine the organizing committee of a certified copy of the certificate on working qualities dogs and that is in the list of RKF.
Remember that registration of exhibitors is terminated 30 days prior to its opening.The prescribed amount of the organizing committee for the registration of a participant in the exhibition catalog.
be obtained from the organizing committee within a week after the deadline written confirmation of your participation and dogs in the exhibition (catalog number of the animal, place and time of the event).

Tip 2: How to get to the exhibition Sigalit Landau in Moscow

exhibition of Israeli artist Sigalit Landau "Endless Game" takes place from June 8 to July 1 in the National Gallery at Solyanka in Moscow, is the beginning of European tourher video works.
How to get to the exhibition Sigalit Landau in Moscow
world-famous Israeli artist uses different means - graphics, media, photography, video, sculpture.But all her creations are somehow connected with the environment and the human condition, it is without words clearly shows the social and environmental problems.The artist makes extensive use of national symbols of Israel, telling his story.Creativity Sigalit opens up new perspectives, makes a complex image, such as playing a universal symbol.
predstvlyayu Moscow exhibition is a retrospective of video works by Landau, created in the period from 1999 to 2011.Despite the fact that the artist creates video neverbalen their language.It turns the language of symbols in a single clear and understandable, simplifying it.According to the most Sigalit Landau, "this exhibition for those who want to verify the existence of contemporary art that can stand next to the big names from the past."Exhibition in Moscow will be a unique example of art Landau an example video.
get to the exhibition Sigalit Landau in Moscow can be any day of the week except Monday from 14.00 to 22.00 on Friday - until midnight.Entrance fee to the exhibition at the National Gallery on Solyanka is 100-200 rubles.Moscow - the first host city exhibition later it will continue its tour of Europe.Fourteen presents works by the artist, including her latest video "Salt Lake" and "Ashkelon".
  • Gallery on Solyanka
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