Males are smaller than females, have brighter color.In addition, the male immediately behind the gill cover there is a dark spot, it resembles the shape of a crescent, the females also similar spot circular shape.In terms of aquarium fish can grow up to four centimeters.

Barbus butterfly - a peace-loving fish schooling.They must contain in the general aquarium flock of 6-8 fish with other peace-loving fish.Most of the time they spend in the middle layer of water.

To keep butterflies fit a rectangular 60-liter tank.Capacity is necessary to cover, to the tiger jumped.Place on the bottom of driftwood and stones.Plant a tank on the perimeter of the plants with leaves that reach the surface of the water.Lighting should be of medium intensity scattered.

Barbs eat a variety of live, dry, and frozen vegetable foods, it can be: koretra, daphnia, bloodworms, scalded with boiling water lettuce, dandelion, spinach.

His barb reaches sexual maturity at the age of five months.As spawning select aquarium of no less than 100 liters, the water level it should reach the level of 15 centimeters.Aeration in spawning should be weak.Place the bottom of the separator grid landed a few bushes of Java moss.Within 10 days before spawning keep separate producers, feed a variety of foods.

landed one female and two males spawning in the evening.The spawning tank should be located close to the window to him freely got daylight.Spawning begins with the first rays of the sun.The female during spawning buttonhole about 60-80 small eggs.After spawning otsadit producers, so they do not eat eggs.The eggs are incubated couple of days, then the fry begin to swim in search of food.Begin to feed them live with dust, small Daphnia, microworms, Cyclops.Food should be diverse - this is required for the successful growing of juveniles.The fry are characterized by uneven growth, so do not forget to periodically sort them.

Lifetime butterfly barb in the aquarium is about 5-6 years.