What birds are suitable for training

can learn to speak a variety of species of parrots, but the most "talkative" traditionally considered Jaco, perfectly mimicking human voice.Well teachable Amazons, macaws, cockatiels, cockatoos and parrots.Females are trained speech a little harder than the males, but speak clearly.Lessons begin with the large birds need 2-3 months, with fine - to 1 month sincechicks are more inquisitive and receptive to the environment.

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The first stage of training - the words

before classes resettled parrot separately from neighbors in a quiet room where it will not distract other sounds.Birds have to be handmade and loving owner - in other words, it will not be exact.Teach the bird in the first months should only be one person, but then to vocabulary pet can join other members of the family.Lessons organize at least four times a day for 5-10 minutes.

Begin training with simple words.Parrots easiest to pronounce the sound of "a", "o", "t", "k", "p", "n", "h" and "w".Therefore, the first word is preferable to select these sounds, and in the name of the bird, they must be present.During each session, and before feeding a few times clearly and precisely say one word.Try every time to speak with a single tone and volume - birds are very sensitive to this.

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first words are usually hard, but then the rate of digestion increases.When the parrot will start to repeat after you, let us treat the bird.

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second stage of training - phrases

first phrase for training should also be simple.Try to link them with the situation, for example, before feeding say, "Gosh wants gruel" back home - "Good evening."Clever birds easily associate the phrase with the situation and use them to their destination and to the point.Engage with a talking parrot to constantly that he forgot learned words and learn new.

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Helpful Hint talking parrot owner: in the presence of a pet carefully watch his speech.These birds differ very fast feature yourself to remember emotionally colored words that are not always censorship.

Tune in to a long process of training your pet.Some parrots are so different talent for sound reproduction that even in adulthood do not lose the ability to learn and absorb a few hundred words and phrases.Try to make friends with a bird, and she will answer your sincere love!