Remember that frequent water changes in the aquarium leads to disease and death of fish.This is precisely the mistake made by many beginners: fresh water does not become an ideal option, and all the efforts of its replacement can lead to undesirable results.
How to change the water in the tank
not change the water in a new aquarium for at least two months.When the tank is filled with water and the first to start fish habitat is too unstable.If the aquarium is large, frequent fluid replacement will lead to the fact that your "pets" will be difficult to adapt to new conditions, and the process will slow down their development.If the capacity is low, such a mistake can lead to the death of all its inhabitants.Carefully follow the state of the aquatic environment - if it is healthy, then the fish will be able to live comfortably.If there are problems, it will affect all the inhabitants of the aquarium.
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When will take place 2-3 months after the start of use of the new aquarium, begin to slowly change the water.Allowed to replace no more than 20% of the total volume of liquid, though it can be done more frequently than every two weeks.The best option - the replacement of 15% of the water once a month.However, if you have the opportunity to add on 10% of clear fluid every 1.5 weeks.Each time, performing this procedure, you must collect the rubbish accumulated on the ground and carefully clean the glass.
how to change the water in the aquarium fishes
3-4 months again, change the mode of filling.The fact that six months after the beginning of use of the new aquarium water environment is completely stabilized, and fish for a period of the highest level of comfort.Now it will be enough to change 20% of the volume of fluid once a month.At this stage, your task - not to spoil the steady biological balance.
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Update aquatic environment year after filling the tank.Within two months, it will need to be replaced 4-5 times by 20% the amount of water each time, moreover, it is necessary to wash out of the soil.As a result, after 2 months all the windows and other elements of the tank should be emptied.When you finish this procedure, you can change back to 20% of the water once a month, with a minimum of "cleaning" of the soil.A year later, have to repeat the cleaning again.
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Change the water in the tank completely only in the most severe situations when restore normal habitat for fish is not possible.These are the cases where the water comes to a "bloom", it becomes too muddy, on the surfaces of mucus appears, or when in the water are dangerous microorganisms that kill fish.