One of the most unpretentious of aquarium inhabitants are famous guppy - miniature viviparous fish of various colors and colors.Guppies are highly resistant to water status, temperature fluctuations.Picky fish in the diet.And these creatures are extremely fertile.To keep the guppies will suit even the smallest aquarium.So, for a comfortable living seven to nine individuals rather only ten gallons of water.Through humility and ability to survive in difficult conditions, we were the first guppies aquarium fish, flown in space.
guppies If you seem too mundane, pay attention to the Sword.These bright coral fish will be a real decoration of any aquarium!Swordtails undemanding to the composition of the water and the quality of food.However, the representatives of the underwater world have an aggressive character.Often males Sword, competing for food and females, organize real battles, which killed large numbers of fish.
continued popularity among novice aquarists males.These aquarium fish are bright color of the tails and fins, similar to the plumage of birds.End of the Line is required for breathing air, so if this is the only kind of fishes in an aquarium, it is possible to dispense with the installation of the compressor.As food for both live feeds and artificial flakes.The only negative is the content of the males in their quarrelsome disposition, so if the aquarium is a few males, fights and destruction of fish can not be avoided.
Perhaps the most peace-loving fish are catfish.Among all the inhabitants of the aquarium catfish most unpretentious, plus they serve as orderlies, cleaning the ground from the remains of food and waste products.These fish are slow and do not pose a threat to its neighbors.However, do not contain the catfish in the same tank with predators and aggressors.When choosing catfish should pay attention to koridoratusov.This species, in addition to gill has intestinal breathing, which allows him to live quite a long time in a periodic shutdown of aeration.
particular interest are small schooling fish that can spice up any aquarium.Among the most unpretentious include zebrafish and neon.The zebrafish - small fish usually do not grow more than five or six centimeters in length.To maintain six to eight instances of only a small volume of ten liters aquarium.They are picky to nutrition: eat as a natural food (Daphnia, bloodworms) and cereal.These fish live in harmony with each other and with other inhabitants of the aquarium.Neon also has low food and can easily tolerate a temporary lack of food.By their nature, these fish are very playful and peaceful, but they should be protected from more aggressive species.For neon requires a large amount of water.For ten individuals become comfortable habitat aquarium capacity of 50 liters.