Tip 1: How to feed the fish

If you want to buy an aquarium and make the fish, you have to have to know how to feed them, because the wrong actions can lead to illness or death of your pet and cause trouble for the whole family.
determine which species will buy, and ask at the store, what food they like to eat.If you have a very small fish, then they need to buy food, which is designed to fry, otherwise they can not eat ordinary food.
Buy a pet store needs to be fed.
Wash your hands, wipe with a towel to dry and open the bag with food.If you are using fresh frozen food, the pre-defrost it and do not freeze.
Lift the lid of the aquarium (if any).
Not much knock on the wall of the tank to cause a fish instinct "sound-food."
When the fish realize that you feed them and sailed to the top, take the food (a pinch of 6 - 10 fish).
Pour food into the water or pour into the feeder if it is in the tank.
feed the fish need 1-2 times a day.If you feed more often and give a lot of food, they can die.
After feeding, be sure to check that the filter and the compressor.It is necessary to purify water from food residues, and to fishes can freely breathe.
Do not let pets eat before replacing the water in the aquarium, it is best to feed them right after the replacement.So the fish will be easier to move the change in living conditions.
Do not feed the fish with bread, biscuits and anything other than the special feed.
Do not forget to feed them every day.
Never add food reserve.Fish do not feel full and eat to be quiet then until the end of the feed.
not use food after the expiration date, especially fresh frozen feed.
Dry food does not keep in a damp place.If it gets wet, do not feed them to their pets, and buy another.
following this simple guide, you will provide a good and long life of your aquarium fish, and himself and his family - a good mood.

Tip 2: How to feed the fish rooster

Watch fish in an aquarium a very exciting thing.Inhabitants of the underwater world so diverse! Attractive because of their bright color and shape of the fins fish-cock.If you decide to keep this in the aquarium, you should learn about its gastronomic predilections.
How to feed the fish rooster
you need
  • - live bloodworm;
  • - crustaceans;
  • - frozen bloodworm;
  • - tubifex;
  • - dry food from a pet store.
Betta fish-cock picky eating habits and can be powered by different feeds: dry, live, frozen.The usual diet consists of bloodworms, crustaceans, Tubifex and dry food, but gives preference to cock alive Worms at and crustaceans.Motyl - the most accessible and abundant food.Use only fresh and live bloodworms.Worms have to move, have no odor, and be bright red (small) or red (close) color.To when feeding live bloodworms not sunk to the bottom, use the special floating feeder.Worms slowly crawling out of it in the water and the fish have time to eat them.
If you feed the rooster crustaceans, first carefully wash the food in a net flow of water.Choose the number of live specimens and place in a small jar with water.Lower bank to the aquarium at an angle.Crustaceans resurface and become a treat for your fish.At cock a good appetite and he is willing to eat.To fish do not overeat, limit the amount of food.Divide the daily amount of 2-3 times and offer food in small portions.For nutrition alternate feed.Do not forget that frozen bloodworm and dry crayfish must be only a minor addition, the main part of the diet should be provided by live food.
If you need to change the diet, accustom to the new cock feed gradually.Fish will be first to act up, but then starts to eat it with great pleasure.Add a new treat in small portions to the core, and then we make the change completely.Before feeding the fish, pay attention to the size of her abdomen.Cockerel he brings variety to your menu.He successfully hunts aquatic snails (individual, horn coils, melanoma).
Suggest cockerel crustaceans in limited quantities.The surplus food rot and spoil the water in the aquarium.
Helpful Hint
not put in an aquarium with big cocks snails - ampulyarii.Fish eat their tendrils and snails die.
  • fish can not sink to the bottom