Features Exterior Snowshoe

Snowshoe cats have markings on the face in the form of an inverted V, with a bridge passing over the nose and white "socks", thanks to which the breed got its name.The front legs length "socks" should be just above the toes and on the rear - reach the hock.It is necessary that the white spots on the front legs are of equal height at the rear - as well.

Build cats breed Snowshoe pretty massive and at the same time stretched.The backbone is not too strong, well-developed muscles.Cats coat should be short, firm, shiny, tail, not fluffy.Color should be intense.

eyes cats Snowshoe blue, large, oval.The ears are large, broad at the base they are.Unlike Siamese cats at Snowshoe no 'vocal abilities. "The voice their more melodic and not so loud.

Many animals of this breed - the carriers of the defect of the tail, these cats are excluded from breeding programs.Also disqualified cats with long hair, dark or light markings in areas not covered by the standard, and animals with a deficiency or excess of white on the face and legs.In other parts of the body (including the ears, tail, and others.) There must be no white.

nature of cats breed Snowshoe

Cats breed Snowshoe differ even temperament and good health.They like to communicate with people, showing tenderness.The presence of Snowshoe positive effect on the situation in the family.They are very charming, kind and affectionate, tolerant of children.Animals love to be stroked.

Snowshoe oriented person, eager to be close to a beloved family member.The owners say that the nature of these animals is similar to a mixture of temperament Siamese and American Shorthair cats balance.Snowshoes are not aggressive and not vindictive, but they do not like to be alone: ​​start to act up and can spoil the wallpaper, doors, furniture.These animals can be friends with dogs and other cats.

Snowshoes are smart and can easily learn how to open doors, refrigerators and cabinets, to bring toys to the owner like dogs.These cats are not difficult to learn various tricks.The house is Snowshoe like placed on the highest ground, because it is very interesting.

Care cats Snowshoe

Cats breed Snowshoe not exacting care.They almost do not shed, and their short hair is easy to comb.Like all pets, cats are required: regular examination by a veterinarian, setting vaccinations, and treatment against parasites and deworming.