Begin show career Siberian cats from 4-5 months of age of the animal, to give him to get used to such events.A playful and sociable cat exhibitions always have a better chance of winning than a closed and timid.
To take part in the exhibition, the owner of a Siberian cat is necessary to take care of the mandatory timely vaccinations your pet.All the marks of vaccination should be in the veterinary certificate Siberian.
Why do cats falls wool
not earlier than 3 days before the exhibition refer to the district veterinary station to obtain a special certificate of inspection of your pet, refuting the existence of Siberian cats of any disease.
Vitamins give a cat
Make purchasing comfortable for you and your pet transportation.Prefer plastic model.The fabric pouch fluffy Siberian cat can be hot.
how to prepare for the exhibition Oriental cats
A week before the exhibition Wash your Siberian cat special shampoo, which give hair its brightness and volume.Choosing the right tool should be in accordance with the color of your pet.To wash white Siberian cats use a shampoo with a whitening effect.Use as teksturayzerom, medication to improve the texture of wool and the special dry powder for cats.
Be sure to thoroughly comb siberian special comb with metal teeth and rotating brush her ears with cotton sticks.
not be amiss to one week before the exhibition Popo siberian special sedation, of course, before that consultation with a veterinarian.This is necessary in order to avoid undue excitement pet during the period of exhibition events.
sure to feed the his siberian, but not later than 2 hours before the show.Many judges love to take part in the show of animals in the hand, as if weighing them.The animal must be heavy and muscular, especially if it's a cat.