torso at Balineses elegant, long, pipe, profile straight, taut belly.Feet tall and slender, the rear slightly higher than the front, well-developed muscles.Hips have Balinese cats should not be wider than the shoulders.The tail is long, thin, shaped like a whip.Not allowed kinks and knots.

head wedge, medium-sized ears are large, set well apart, narrowing toward the muzzle, continuing the line of the wedge head.The chin is strong, developed, of medium size, the lower its point is aligned with the tip of the nose of the animal.Balineses eyes almond shaped, obliquely set and wide.Colour - deep blue.

Coat and color

Coat of Balinese cats of medium length, fine, close to the body, no undercoat.Wool gradually lengthening journey from head to tail.Color - Color-Point (Point called sites with rich, bright color).Points are placed on the ears, head, lower legs, tail, and the rest of the body light.The mask on the head of a cat closes its face completely touching but not merging with the ears.Points on all areas of the body Balineses should be evenly colored, and have the same color.


Balinese - Cat social, sociable, curious, they can not stand alone.We tend to become attached to the owner and to take an active part in all domestic affairs.With children and other pets get along well, have a nice soft voice.


thin silky hair Balinese cat breed requires almost no maintenance.They should wash with shampoo and conditioner for long-haired breeds, dry - a soft dry cloth.Not recommended to use a hairdryer to retain moisture wool.