Chartreuse - a medium-sized animal, usually a dense constitution.Coat them extremely dense and smooth, mostly gray or blue-gray.The undercoat is shorter and lighter shade of the main color.For this reason, Carl Linnaeus classified these animals as a separate breed and called it "Blue Cat".Males are much larger than females Chartreuse.The ancestors of these cats find Syrian and Iranian rock.

Features Chartreuse nature

All big cats are individualists, but Chartreuse - the most pronounced among all other breeds.They prefer to stay away from people, thus demonstrating their autonomy and independence.From Chartreuse difficult to wait shrill meow in order to attract attention to himself.Even a hungry cat would rather wait patiently, caustically begging for food.

These animals by nature have a rather soft voice, so are ideal for those who love the quiet and unobtrusive pets.Of all households Chartreuse choose one host.That they show it from time to time their devotion and tenderness.But other cats easier to tolerate prolonged absence of the owner.Chartreuse remarkable by the fact that tolerate the loneliness.

These cats - intellectuals.They are very thin feel the person's mood.If you understand that the owner upset about something going through will gently follow him.These intelligent cats are very susceptible to both censure and to praise.Therefore, educating them is simple: an animal quickly understands what is required.

Features appearance Chartreuse

largest representatives Chartreuse reach 7 kg.As a rule, it is the males.These animals are strong, well muscled, if necessary, are able to move very quickly.Chest at the Chartreuse wide, blending smoothly into the flat, short neck.The tail is flat, with a slight curve at the tip.

main distinguishing feature of this breed - the color of eyes and hair.The coloration may be present any shades of gray and blue, from silver-gray to blue pronounced.The eyes may be copper-yellow, yellow.There are chartreuse with blue and green eyes, but it is regarded as a disqualification fault.

difficulties in caring for these cats do not.They are "reticent" wool have short, quickly understand the requirements of the owner.Walking, eating, bathing - everything like other cats.But Chartreuse is one weak spot - his teeth.These cats often tartar is formed.Therefore, we must ensure that in the diet of your pet as much as possible less sweet.