Cats of this breed are proportional, have an average size.The body is flexible, well-developed muscles.The neck and chest are strong, strong legs and rounded.Wedge-shaped head, straight nose.The ears are wide at the base, tips are rounded, gently curving back to 90-180 degrees.Kittens American kёrla ears straight from birth, but for 2-10 days after the birth of their tips begin to bend back.By 4 months of age kitten they take their final shape.With ears kёrlov should be handled carefully to avoid damaging the fragile cartilage.

kёrlov American eyes are shaped like an elongated oval or walnut, planted obliquely, eye color can vary, but often, though not always, it is combined with the coat color.

Coat and color

of Breed American Curl Shorthair and there are long-haired.At first soft and silky hair, beard minimum.In the second it is the same, there is a fringe on the collar and tail.Color can be different, like one, and the other species.


US kёrly friendly, intelligent, unpretentious, they are perfectly adapted to the new conditions of life and get along with all family members.They need a lot of space and a variety of toys.However, if you have a family there are small kids, it is worth to think about purchasing another cat breed, because kids love to squeeze pets and fragile ears kёrlov very easy to damage.Cats of this breed are curious and everywhere follow the master.


Folded ears - a genetic mutation, but it has no effect on the health of cats, such as at OES.Life expectancy at kёrlov rather large for the feline standards.But do not forget about timely vaccinations and vet visits.


Wool American kёrlov not dumped.Combing her enough times a week, wash the animal should be once a month, completing the process of cutting the claws, because they tend to grow, thereby causing your pet pain.It saves only scratching your furniture, and claws will still grow.Biweekly inspect ears and wipe with a damp cloth if necessary.