grooming and nail

representatives of the breed have short hair, so comb your cat once a week is enough.This prevents the wool around the house.If desired, the procedure can be repeated at least every day, cats love it.It is important to choose the right brush that will not damage the skin pet.The best option may be a silicone brush that has more properties and massage.

Once a week, an Egyptian Mao is necessary to cut the claws.In the wild, the breed often climb trees.At home, they do not have that luxury, so their claws grow back rather quickly.Talon is important to cut 2-3 mm from the edge, it will not hurt the sensitive part of the cat and bring relief.It is worth paying attention to the suppression of attempts cat sharpening its claws on the furniture updated.Pet quickly realizes that this can not be done and will cease to spoil the surrounding objects.

ears Care and concern for the health of cats

not favorite cats procedure - washing ears.But this is to be done at least once a month.Egyptian Mao quite patient to action host during hygiene procedures, but even they will be pulled out while cleaning the ears.You can take a cat by the scruff of the neck, it will help to fix the head in the desired position.After that, you must open the ear and carefully cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in baby cream.

Regularly check the ears of a cat for ticks.Changes in behavior are usually cheerful and gentle pet - a signal about the development of the disease.With the defeat of the body ticks cat animal becomes listless, loses appetite and interest in games.The best option in this case - a visit to the vet.Do not try to solve the problem yourself.

proper organization of leisure

The special features of the behavior of the Egyptian Mao is a love of water and water procedures.They love to play with the jet of water, soak feet in it and drink straight from the tap.

Other features include cats love to height.Egyptian Mao could sit for hours on the hill and "hunt down prey."The representatives of the breed are quite active and love to spend time in active games with the hosts.Most of all they like different types of hunting.

Do not hide their favorite toys.Mao will not leave anyone until he gets back the desired item.

Egyptian Mao - true friends and respectable neighbors.With proper attention and care, they will bring a lot of joy in the lives of their owners.