History of breed

Cats with hallmarks Cornish Rex appeared in 1936 in Moravia (Czech Republic).However, soft curly fur was the cause of their destruction.People think that they are sick scab.In those days, it was widespread in Europe.

After 15 years in the UK a domestic cat had five kittens.One of them was curly.It immediately attracted the attention of breeders.Kitten named Kalibankerom.He was the progenitor of the breed Cornish Rex.The name of this breed comes from the county of Cornwall, where Kalibanker born.The word "rex" means "royal".Mistress kitten became the first who started to breed this breed.

Since then, breeders have made great strides in breeding Cornish Rex.They were withdrawn three main types: Cornish, Devon and German.Crossing them with each other it is prohibited by international standards.In 1980, America was an exhibition, which was attended only Cornish Rex.Heart visitors were conquered adorable animal with big ears and elegant hair.After the exhibition, the breed became popular all over the world.

in Russia Cornish Rex appeared through IVKharchenko.It was she who in 1989 brought to Moscow these amazing animals.On the first day there were the hosts for them.Cornish Rex found a new home and has since been actively involved in various exhibitions.

Cornish Rex

one who for the first time will take the hand Cornish Rex, very surprised to its weight.It is quite heavy for their height and build.The back is always arched, lower body repeats its bending, because of what looks like a graceful cat.The legs are slim and thin.Ears seem constantly wary of the large size.They stand out against the background of faces.

Cornish Rex fur is soft and pleasant to the touch.She waves covers the body and adheres to it, especially on the back.Stroking this cat - a pleasure.The hair on the lower abdomen and the neck is very short.Cornish Rex does not shed, but with age may form a receding hairline that can significantly reduce the evaluation shows.The tail is very flexible.He gradually tapering towards the end.

muzzle Cornish Rex slightly tapering to the nose.The head is usually ovoid.The curved lines give it an oval shape.The forehead is rounded and smoothly into the nose.Eye color is usually matches the color of the coat.They are placed very well.