Devon - not artificially bred breed of cats.The legend about their origin states: first devonchiki were found in the abandoned mines of Devon in England.The local forests and underground caves for refuge folk legends were gnomes, trolls, elves.What is not a confirmation of the fabulous nature of these unusual cats?

Another distinctive feature of this breed is that their hair is not straight, but has a whorl-curls.This feature is called the cover animals reksovoy mutation.She exposed some breeds of rabbits, rodents and domestic respectively cats.Interestingly, when crossed Devon cats Cornish Rex also have curly hair, kittens are born Labrador.

Breeders and owners of Devons are similarities with this breed bulldog and little monkeys.Indeed, the Devon Rex with a total harmony have a wide "bulldog" chest and a rather hefty weight.The three-month kitten can reach a weight of 1.5 kg, and 8-month weight of the body comes to 3.5 kg.Devonchika ability to penetrate into the most incredible places in the apartment, opening his legs any locks and latches, making it look like a mischievous monkey.

The nature devons very playful, able to occupy themselves for hours inventing new activities and fun.Toys for them can be any thing, whatever turns their eye.Vending Devonian thing for games is not so easy to take away - the cat will be desperate to protect their wealth disgruntled growl.

Another favorite activity devonchikov - conveniently located on the body of his master.If the family contains several members of this breed, it is often possible to see a few Devons literally attacked his master, settling on his shoulders, arms, knees.This animals behave friendly towards each other, without jealousy and resentment.

Another important advantage of the content of Devon Rex in the apartment is the fact that these cats do not shed their coat does not have the characteristic of "cat" smell.