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Wavy Parrot - a small, but very colorful and beautiful bird.In length it can be 17 to 20 cm, and weighs 40-45 g.Usually they have a grass-green or greenish-yellow in color, but the method of selection is often withdrawn and blue and bright yellow parrots.They usually have a very long tail and a well-developed wings, about ten centimeters long.

character has a very friendly, living in pairs, they are sociable and noisy.Lonely birds quieter.Parrots can easily live in a cage, although excessive anguish, of course, will not go to their advantage. Habitat budgies - Australia and adjacent islands.The natives call them bedgerigas, which means - "edible."

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How to choose and buy a budgie

parrot cage should be placed in a warm bright place, in any case not in a draft - these birds are very susceptible to hypothermia and cold.The cage should be cleaned every day if possible, change the water in the drinkers, pour fresh food.To your pet has not been in her dull, you can deploy a variety of perches, mirrors, and other toys, which, like the cell itself, can be purchased at any pet store.

This is necessary to ensure that the pet is not bored in your absence, and could easily spend time alone.And do not forget as often as possible to let him fly around the apartment, but off and hide with all appliances, remove all potentially dangerous for birds and food items, not intended for a parrot to ensure its complete security.Also, once a week the parrot should bathe.

Eat it should as varied as possible - for the parrots sell special grain mixture with an optimal amount of nutrients and vitamins.You can also add a little bit of his diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains.For the mineral feeding should be used special stones.
parrots were first described in the book Naturists Miscellany British naturalist George Shaw in 1805.

In no event it is impossible to feed the parrots the same as what you eat you or your other pets - it can seriously hurt him.If your parrot looks listless and sick - call your veterinarian.

And, most importantly, communicate with them, show affection and care.Then, your pet will always be happy, too, and will begin to show you the signs of affection and love.