Norwegian belongs to the large breeds of cats.Adult cat body weight can vary from 5 to 8 kg.The female usually has a lower weight.
Names Siamese kittens girls
The main feature of the Norwegian cats from other breeds is that they have a two-layer waterproof fur.The top layer of the skins of these animals consists of a soft, long, shiny coat.A bottom layer - from the thick, do not absorb moisture, oily hair.
the cat and the cat how to distinguish photo
Learn Norwegian cat you through thick fur on her neck, forming a luxurious collar and long hair on the cheeks of the animal, resembling a triangular beard.Long hair on his hind legs forms a Norwegian cat "fur pants."
Features Norwegian cats from other animals it is the quality and type of hair, but not the color.It can be anything other than a Siamese.Norwegians may be either bi-color and tri-color.But note that the undercoat the representatives of this breed are usually white.
Body Norwegian cats massive, strong and flexible.Well developed chest and shoulders.The back and loin is quite strong and broad.Norwegians features a powerful, round, heavy-looking legs.Tail representatives of this breed is covered with long, dangling over the rear limbs, hair.
easy to recognize Norwegian cat a triangular head, having no noticeable border between the forehead and a long, broad nose of the animal.Norwegians are different massive chin and full cheeks.The ears of these cats are wide apart, slightly bent forward, their ends are pointed and have fun tassels.Norwegian cat's eyes are large, round and very expressive.And their color can be absolutely anything.