Selection Rules Grey: wild or domesticated pet?

choose a cage for a parrot

If you decide to buy a parrot Jaco, decide to start with those wild or domesticated bird you are interested in.The fact that the tamed Greys are more expensive than those that have been caught in the wild and immediately put up for sale.It is often tricky sellers in pursuit of profit trying to pass off a wild bird that has not yet been in contact with a person and not feel fear before him, for the tame.If you do not have time to scare the bird, and she willingly go to the contact, then tame it in the future is possible.

how to build a parrot cage

Determine how the parrot used to communicate with people easily enough.One need only run your hand along the bars of the cage in which the bird.Wild and already frightened people Greys thus jumped to the side and probably will start to behave restlessly, will scream, thrash and may even show aggression.From buying a bird should be abandoned, since it will be difficult to tame.Therefore, if you have no experience with wild parrots living in the same apartment with the Greys can be a real challenge for you.

cleaning parrot in a cage

young or adult Grey: how to choose

tame bird

If you are interested in a young bird, choose one that has not scared people and easy to contact.If you are interested in an adult African Grey, is to buy only a tame bird, as in adulthood wild parrots very poorly adapted to the new conditions and long accustomed to humans.

tame birds sit in a cage

How to identify an adult or a young Grey gives you a dealer?To determine the age category of poultry is quite simple.Paws young birds have a pinkish hue, while in adults Grey foot brown and hardened.Hue feathers of birds at a young age the lighter, but on the surface there are no delamination beak, unlike adult birds.And, of course, young parrots are more active.

How to determine the health status of poultry

purchasing a parrot, many are afraid that their deceived and sell sick poultry.To buy healthy Greys, should know a few basic rules that will not make mistakes.When choosing Jaco is very important to pay attention to the parrot plumage.If feathers are dull and sparse, it is necessary to guard, especially if this bird sitting hunched, and has no interest in what is happening around.Healthy parrot active, curious and has a beautiful bright plumage.The beak of a healthy Jaco has no cracks and no build-up on their feet.