Since the best place for a long time prikormleny catching capacity and employment, and fishing pleasant and effective in silence, then find a new place and lures him.Usually, the carp lives in flocks of several dozen heads (very large individuals often go alone).Morning and evening out the carp to feed, and the flock moves certain routes.To determine the path of the pack can be gas bubbles on the surface of the pond, which stand out from the ground, when the fish in it digs.Therefore, choose a place for feeding it to the movement of fish, of course, it should be convenient for casting gear.
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going to fish to feed in a new place at the right time, you, throw the lure at certain hours of the morning and evening.This should be done at least three days, but better - a week before fishing.As goodies for the carp can take the steamed grains (rye, oats, wheat), corn, boiled potatoes, cake, but to make effective groundbait mix, combining different types of grain, feed, add cottage cheese, cereals and different flavors.An important rule - the bait should be visible to the fish, delicious and always attractive smelling.As well as comprising the components that will be part of the bait on the hook.If you catch a fish on baits, then lure them, much less all carp ponds more familiar with this kind of bait.
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Pay particular attention to the smell of groundbait mix.If by scattered food will spread over an attractive fragrance, it certainly Polyubopytstvuyte carp, and therefore can even go the usual route of feeding.As the use of flavors vanilla, mint, roasted seeds and other strong-smelling ingredients.Experiment as carp are very fussy, today it takes a nozzle, and tomorrow to give it up.But observe the measure, do not overdo it with the intensity of odors, to not scare away the fish.
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Before the fishing, for 20-30 minutes before casting gear, too, Feed the fish, but this time the water drop small balls of the mixture.It is necessary to carp flock remained in place for a long time fishing.Make balls of groundbait dense that they are not broken on impact with the water and the bottom.To throw a lure directly to the location of the nozzle, and in a radius of 5 meters from it.With the weakening of fishing lure throw again, but in small portions, not to overfeed the fish.
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