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  • - otstoennaya tap water
To maintain a stable regime "fresh" fish tank, notme and blow off some water .The volume of tap water should not exceed 1/5 of the volume of the aquarium.Otherwise, it changes dramatically hydrochemical composition of the "old" water, and then your pets can get sick or float belly up.
How to change the water in the tank
Remember, the main thing - not the content fish , and control over the environment.Even a small water changes (1/5 by volume) brings the "stress" for the inhabitants of the aquarium, but after a couple days the biological equilibrium is restored.If you change half of the water, the balance of normal in about a week, but some fish and plants will inevitably die.According to the site , completely change the water possible in exceptional cases: because of the pollution of soil, shade, appearance of mucus or harmful microorganisms.As for the rest, with the right balance of long-term, do fish, plants and micro-organisms are the biological filter.
than drain the water from the aquarium turtles
aqueous medium in the tank is formed in the first two months, therefore, at this time to pour water impossible.When a young habitat formed, add water not more than 1-2 times a month, periodically scraping the glass and garbage collecting from the ground hose.For aquariums of 20 liters otstoennuyu blow off some tap water , it is desirable to lukewarm (up to 40 or 50 degrees).After a year, clean the entire substrate to an optimal environment is not old.
how to change the water in the aquarium with fish