Siamese cat - one of the most common and ancient rocks on Earth.They have gained popularity because of its unusual color and friendly character.Currently, these Rogues are found throughout the world.The first mention of the breed Siamese cats dates back to the 16th century.That's when these funny creatures began to grow in the royal court of Siam (now - Thailand).At the end of the 19th century, Europeans began to import these animals in the Old World and crossed them with other breeds.Modern Siamese cats is difficult to confuse with any other breed, as bright external traits of these creatures, distinguish them from all the cat kingdom.
First of all, certain Siamese figure: their body is elongated, thin and muscular.It may seem as if the cat is exhausted, but it is not so!A sophisticated form of the body allows Siamese be very flexible animals.With an average length of the torso the adult weighs from 2.5 to 5.5 kg.Siamese neck slightly arched and elongated.Certainly too long and muscular legs so Siamese cats differ in their harmony.The head of the cats of this breed has a wedge-shaped: elongated snout forward and slightly convex skull.On the muzzle at Siam almost no cheeks, but there is a fairly high cheekbones.
nose Siamese straight and is a continuation of the forehead and ears - huge and pointed upward.By the way, big ears Siamese is another unique feature that distinguishes these from any other cats.Around the muzzle and on the tail and the tips of paws Siamese has distinctive Fawn.It is interesting that on the face, he resembles an equilateral triangle: its vertices are the tips of both ears and nose.Another interesting difference between Siamese cats than any other are their eyes: not only do they have these creatures oblique, so still have a blue or blue color.The size of the eye Siamese beauties average, and their form - almond.Many breeders say that this is the sign indicates thoroughbred thoroughbred Siam.Tails of the "grubby" beauties are long and thin, tapering to an end.
Siamese cats have a dense, but at the same time thin and short hair, adjacent to their body.They have little or no undercoat.As mentioned above, the color of their entire torso has a peculiar character: dark spots cover both the muzzle of these cats, and the tips of their feet, and even the tail.Siamese Breeders argue that purebred Siamese cat should have a vivid contrast between the base color of the body and spots located on it.