long wanted to have a kitten, and my choice fell on the British, has already started to save money, when suddenly I was offered to take the free alimentary kitten unknown breed - Kuril Bobtail.It was more than three years ago, and this breed does not particularly popular reviews on the Internet, as well as photos, it was a little, but still decided and went to see what kind of a tailless Mike Farley.

Cheney Pushbots (as we called it) is really different from the standard cat, instead of wearing the fluffy pompom tail, and body structure somewhat different, very much long hind legs.In general, I fell in love with the first time.Cat, as I mentioned, more than three years, so I can tell you about the breed a lot, consider the myths that exist on the Internet:

1. Do not shed.

Lin also like!We have pussy, and during moulting fur everywhere, comb out as much as you!

2. Not afraid of water.

my fears.Climb paw in the tank - a course we can, but like death to wash after each water procedures beg forgiveness come and buy snacks.

3.Not stinks.

But would agree with that, there is nothing to compare.My brother is also a cat, and when he leaves, leaves pet us, it really smells stronger tray.

4. non-allergenic.

At this point, purely my personal opinion and experience regarding only our relationship with the cat.I - allergies, general reaction I have to much (a cat to take small rash on contact with a thin coat of skin patches), but kurbob sleeping in the legs and see. P. 1. I can not say that the breed is not allergenic, but in our caseit really is.

5. to train.

Probably any animal trained, if they do, and our cat is no exception.Bringing abandoned thing taught in 15 minutes, a favorite game and to this day, walk on a leash on a regular basis, "next" and "impossible" to know by heart."Candle" teach using sweets probably can each pet, but it is not a dog, and a large part of the breed of cat waywardness of course there is.

6.Koshka one host.

Yes, yes, yes !!!The remaining inhabitants of the house more forgiving can stroke, feed, but the hands he would never come.Master infinitely loyal to the excessive obsession, so if there is time, each time coming from work to give 15-20 minutes by smoothing Mike Farley, better not to plant.If the owner does not pay the time your pet, start at minor mischief - tear wallpaper or furniture, walk on the table (this is not just my opinion, there is a similar problem in many forums).

Generally an interesting breed, not for nothing called Kuriles kotopsami: and you can even walk harness and cat Murka, Murka listen.I can not speak for all representatives, but my very loyal to both people and animals, signs of intelligence is clearly slipping, the breed is very unpretentious and most needed for these seals attention and love the owner.