Before buying, decide what age, sex, and color should be budgie.These options can help you focus on the important points, and not to scatter their attention to all the birds in a row.
than to feed wavy parrot
If budgies - your first purchase, it is best to consult with an experienced shop assistant.An experienced specialist will not only help choose the parrot, but tell all of its contents and care.
How to wean wavy parrot biting
carefully observe budgies directly into the store.Healthy birds are active, lively, sociable, inquisitive.Furthermore, they instantly respond to sounds and movements occurring around them.If one of the parrots kept apart and he almost always closed his eyes, it is an occasion guard.Perhaps he was just resting, and maybe it's a sure sign of the disease.
how to find out the sex of parrots
select a particular parrot, come closer to him.Say a few words, to see whether the response to your voice.
discern budgies
If you want to quickly tame parrot, buy a young bird.Learn it can be a dark spot on the beak, almost translucent claws and black eyes.Older birds have a white ring around the eyes and fully formed feathers.
start water pumping station
Ask the seller to get out of the cage liked parrot , to inspect it more closely.From the nostrils should not go any allocation, legs should be clean and no build-up, all claws in place.
If you still sell sick poultry, in any case, not self-medicate.Take the parrot specialist ornithologist who will prescribe the necessary medication.By purchasing a parrot, you take certain risks, asnone pet store does not give a guarantee that your bird will live to a ripe old age.