Lifetime hamsters

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Life is so arranged that the smaller the animal, the shorter its life.Hamsters, unfortunately, is no exception.On average, they are, regardless of the breed, will delight you with about 2-2.5 years.If you provide good care of your pet, it will be able to survive 3 or even 4 years.

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Hamsters are very susceptible to disease.The disease occurs at them rapidly, and is rarely possible to cure an animal - a hamster dies.To avoid this nightmare experience when buying choose healthy baby.

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Given the short age of the hamster, it is advisable to buy a young lady.It is easier to tolerate change of scenery, quickly tamed.But age hamster should not be less than three weeks, it is desirable that he was able to eat independently.

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Look, it looks like a hamster.Healthy animal agile, quick response.He's smooth, bare spots coat that fits snugly to the body, as well as the sparkling eyes and breathing without wheezing.

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Buy hamster better in the pet store - it will give you a guarantee that you get a healthy animal.In all animals, pet veterinary checks.This is important becausehamsters can be carriers of various infections that are dangerous to humans.

How to prolong the life of a hamster?

favorite Settle into a spacious cage.Make sure that she was in a secluded place, where there are no drafts and direct sunlight.

Eliminate from the cells dangerous objects that can cause injury to the animal.Do not use cotton as a filler, as a hamster capable entangled in its fibers, and trying to get free, it can damage the foot.In the cell, use only the special filler.Do not substitute a newspaper: the ink can cause poisoning.

not create stress to the animal.Hamsters do not like change, so do not move too much cell.Nor should we often perform a complete cleaning of the cells by disrupting the normal course of life of a hamster.Do not touch the products that he put "in reserve".

Do not feed your hamster from his table.Many hamsters like "human" food.But this habit of shortening their lives.

Hamsters can not swim.From bathing pet can catch a cold and die.Hamster itself able to maintain their fur clean.

Do not think bad hamster alone.On the contrary, this animal has a keen sense of territory and the neighborhood it to anything.

If you comply with these recommendations, then your pet will live a happy life of the duration that it took nature.