Tip 1: How to teach a parrot to bathe

Under natural conditions, many parrots with great pleasure bathed in dew and rainwater.And our parrots need to bathe.After all, it is necessary to maintain in order not only to tail, but just overall health.Remember that a parrot all that is new - it is terrible.Therefore, they should teach to swim slowly.
main rule: everything must happen voluntarily.You should never try to atone parrot force.This may discourage closer to the water or cause stress.In addition, risk losing his confidence.You should try to interest the bird waters.You can, for example, put his favorite toy, a favorite treat in water or put a mirror, while a bird looks at herself, she will often use it, but it's all individually.Offers her different options, but never try to atone for it by force.Sometimes they just do not to this mood.Therefore offers the possibility for swimming again.
Just need to decide what will bathe your parrot.For swimming baths can be used mounted Plexiglas or special baths, but often ordinary saucers.While bathing parrot can drink this water, so watch what would the water was safe to drink.Pour lukewarm water.When bathing parrots, spray water, so it is best to put the tub for parrot away from his food.
While bathing in the apartment must not be a draft, make sure the temperature of the air in the room should be warm.And if you leave the tub for a long time, the water for parrots should be changed regularly.The water in the bath must be no more than 2 cm. Do not fill the deep tank, it can drown.

Tip 2: Where you can swim in the suburbs

Every year the Moscow region authorities monitor the sanitary condition of the beaches, as well as their suitability for swimming and public recreation.In 2014th the list was published on 1 June.It includes 77 officially approved by the beach, which is 2 destinations more than a year earlier.They received the appropriate certification.

Beaches north of Moscow

Each of the 77 beaches are not only clean and free from infection, but also equipped with all the safety rules and rescue posts, points of care, and has equipped the car park, shops with softdrinks and place garbage collection.

large number of certified beaches are in the Mytishchi district - the village of Troitskaya, recreation area "Khlebnikov" complex "Malibu" in Sorokino, Pension "Klyazma", the beach at the village of flexible, LLC "recreation center" Pirogov ", LLC" Sanatorium "Birches"near the village of Troitskaya, in the right bank of" Tolstoy Park ", two zones have Podrezkovo in Pestovo, recreation area" Novoaleksandrovo "and near the village of Boltino.

can swim at two beaches in Solnechnogorsk, three in the Istra district, one in Naro-Fominsk, two in Zvenigorod, three in Kolomna, one Yegorievsk area, one is in Luhovtsah and Shatura district, and three beaches in Elektrostal andvacation spot "new dam" Pavshino village.

can with the comfort and safety of a dip in the Dmitrov and Sergiev Posad district - on, a total of seven beaches in Novosinkovo, Slavin, birch, Farm and Semkhoz.A large number of beaches have in Solnechnogorsk district - "Senezh", "Green Rock", "Trusovo", "Lopotovo", "Forest Lake" by LLC "Exclusive business", "Forget-Me", "surf", "West""Dream", "New Era", "Sokolov" and "Sail".

other certified recreational

in Kashira district near Moscow is the beach near the sanatorium "Kashirskie fontanelles," and in the Stupino - recreational resort "Sokolova desert" (located in the same village) base "Oka" and the beach belowcalled "Stupinsky pit."Suitable for swimming is also a municipal beach in the lake, the north shore of the pond in Balashikha and organized recreation place on the left bank of the Oka near the pontoon bridge.

in the Ruza district received certification Beach "The farm-3" (Novovolkovo) and the beach belonging to the sanatorium "Russia" (town Polashkino).It has similar items and Volokolamsk district - "MIEM" in a village called Shulgin.In Mozhaisk region is a place of rest in the village Ilinskoe, near the sanatorium "Riverlands" and the beach "Obushkovo."Good and safe, you can also relax in Chernogolovka - at the North and South ponds.

also allowed five beaches have Podolsk.One has Serpukhov at STK "Start" and two in the nearby area.In Dubna suitable for bathing beaches at the city reservoir Ivankovskoye and Dmitrov - and two municipal recreation.
do not need special drying parrot - or using electrical appliances or towel.Dryer is a mortal danger to birds.If, however, it strongly gets wet, set of cells are usually a table lamp.
Helpful Hint
will be good if you wash the cage, the parrot will be nice after swimming in a clean and tidy place.