you need
  • - clean cloth or sponge;
  • - care products for footwear;
  • - cardboard or plastic boxes for storage;
  • - paper or special paper;
  • - sachets of silica gel.
Prepare shoes for storage.To do this, remove the dirt from the surface with a damp cloth or sponge.It is not necessary to put the shoes under running water.If you use a special shampoo for leather goods, completely remove the foam with the help of sponges.Wipe the surface with a dry cloth.To clean the shoes of nubuck or suede brush or using a special eraser.Make sure the grooved outsole has no pollution.Between the grooves pattern may be stuck pebbles, marble chips or crystals of reagents, which are used in the winter.Remove these foreign bodies can help the mechanical action on the shoes - quite a bit of flex sole and they fall out.
Remove the shoe insoles, if they are removable.Dry them.If necessary, replace with new ones.The inside of the shoe should be dried with a special device.There are two types of such devices.The first work as a normal boiler - ie, heating, drain shoes.Second - UV dryers - can kill fungus and bacteria, as well as get rid of the odor.You should not put shoes on the battery or in a hot, dry place - high temperature promotes the formation of micro-cracks on the skin surface deformation.
carefully crafted the shoe with a special equipment - a cream or spray that color.If the product is made of composite materials, for example, with inserts of textile or leatherette, use the appropriate impregnation or wax - it will save the surface from cracking.
to closed shoes are not deformed, put into cardboard or plastic pads.If not, you can use newspaper or paper.Open sandals or sandals do not require such a procedure.
Put each pair in a separate box, pre-paving between the shoes, soft cloth or paper.Some manufacturers offer special packages of non-woven fabric or nylon for each unit of a pair, but you can buy them.This layer will protect the skin from sticking together during storage, as well as unwanted coloring, if the product is not monochromatic.
in each box with the demi-season or winter footwear is put sachets of silica gel, which is usually available in the package when purchasing.This polymer absorbs excess moisture.Keep boxes of shoes in a dry, dark place.