Anti-reflective coating - a special coating, scattering direct sunlight ray beam or bright artificial light, which serves to improve the perception of the human eye image and a high cut-off of the light spectrum.

for mobile devices

In bright sunshine it is simply impossible to see what is written so the monitor tablet or smartphone.The reason for the intensity of reflected solar ray glare.To combat this scourge has a special anti-glare film, which is simply glued to the screen of the mobile device.The film is quite inexpensive, also protects the device from scratches and bumps.

on computer monitors and large LCD TVs built factory applied anti-reflective coating.It is a special multi-layer coating on the monitor.Anti-reflective coating disperses literally falling on the surface of the device sunlight or artificial light and prevents glare.


The glasses also applies anti-glare system.This system is implemented on the basis of an anti-reflex coating which reflects glare and improves the quality of the lens.Anti-reflective coating is best manifested in the high-index lenses, as they reflect much more light than plastic.

The use of anti-reflective coating allows the glasses except remove the effects of glare and even improve visual acuity.

technology spread to sunglasses.Note, however, no stick or sprayed on the glasses such protection can not be performed only applying industrial methods in a vacuum placement of lenses in a special installation.The thickness of the antiglare coating is only from 0.15 to 0.3 microns, and therefore proposals for the "modernization" of your glasses "special coatings" nothing more than a hoax.


glare technology also has spread in the automotive industry.The same technology as in the optics used in the manufacture of windshields.

These glasses have a good color, scatter ultraviolet light so as to maintain a high image clarity, scatter and block reflections lights of other vehicles.

glass produced by the method of spray-magnetorno technology in industrial environments.Anti-reflective glass will allow you to experience the comfort of driving in all weather conditions and at any time.However, this glass is a little more expensive than usual, but is necessary to save the convenience and safety.