Stone Pizza

only the most modern and high-quality ovens ensure uniform heating, but even in this case the conditions in them are far from baking in the oven.Mistresses are well aware that in ovens dough often burnt on one side and not baked through on the other - as a rule, they get used to the characteristics and develop their own rules for baking.But in fact sufficient to use a special stone, and the air in the oven will be heated evenly, the temperature will rise and will stay at the right level, and baked goods will turn out well-baked.

Stone gives a distinctive flavor to baked goods and delicious crisp.

To achieve this effect, many Italian women use stones for pizza - this dish is so popular in Italy that he can cook on the table almost every day.In Russia, the stones until they are widespread, but lovers of Italian cuisine already know that baking pizza must be present such a device.

How to choose a stone for pizza?

place special stones for pizza, you can use the usual red or sand-lime brick - they have a suitable pore structure and natural origin, absorb moisture well and evenly distribute it in the oven.

But their form is not suitable for baking pizza directly on the surface, so they just put on the bottom of the oven.

It is advisable to buy a special stone that is produced with the aim of improving the quality of baking.Choosing stone for pizza, look at its thickness - it should not be too thin, preferably greater than two centimeters.The form can be any - round, rectangular, square, although the pizza is recommended to choose a round stone.

pizza stone is made from different materials: it can be granite, terracotta tiles, fire clay, ceramics and even burnt red bricks.All of them are equally good pizza.Please note that the stone was made of natural materials.

Be sure to check the width of stone - it must be easy to go in the oven, so before buying it is desirable to measure its dimensions.The gap between the walls and the stone should be several centimeters.

Where to buy stone for pizza?

A few years ago the stones for pizza was hard to find, they had to be ordered from the online store dedicated to culinary products.Today, these products began to appear in supermarkets in the departments with the dishes - they can be found next to the trays, baking pans, and other similar products.Also pizza stones are sold in specialized departments with small kitchen appliances and utensils.